At last...

On March 11th, my love asked me to marry him. We are engaged and planning to be married on June 23rd. Plans are coming along.



The Trip...

This Christmas Brian and I were able to fly out to Virginia and spend the holidays with his family. It was a great time all around...other than my being sick for the last few days we were there. We have pictures..around 300 of them...but I neither of us have had time to do much with them. I did however upload some on flickr, which you should be able to view here, I hope.

Here is Brian filming at Virginia beach.
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Brian and I spent most of yesterday driving back and forth and carrying things in and out while moving him into his new place. Now the cleaning comes.

We had 2-3 inches of snowfall this morning. The icy roads make me nervous, but boots that keep my feet dry make me happy. I think it is about time for Christmas shopping to begin.


Chapter 74, The Life of Pi

"I practised religious rituals that I adapted to the circumstances...They brought me comfort, that is certain. But it was hard, oh, it was hard. Faith in God is an opening up, a letting go, a deep trust, a free act of love - but sometimes it was so hard to love.
Sometimes my heart was sinking so fast with anger, desolation and weariness, I was afraid it would sink to the very bottom of the Pacific and I would not be able to lift it back up.
At such moments I tried to elevate myself. I would tough the turban I had made with the remnants of my shirt and I would say aloud, "THIS IS GOD'S HAT!"
I would pat my pants and say aloud, "THIS IS GOD'S ATTIRE!"
I would point to Richard Parker and say aloud, "THIS IS GOD'S CAT!"
I would point to the lifeboat and say aloud, "THIS IS GOD'S ARK!"
I would spread my hands wide and say aloud, "THESE ARE GOD'S WIDE ACRES!"
I would point at the sky and say, "THIS IS GOD'S EAR!"
And in this way I would remind myself of creation and of my place in it.
But God's hat was always unravelling. God's pants were falling apart. God's cat was a constant danger. God's ark was a jail. God's wide acres were slowly killing me. God's ear didn't seem to be listening.
Despair was a heavy blackness that let no light in or out. It was a hell beyond expression....The blackness would stir and eventually go away, and God would remain, a shining point of light in my heart. I would go on loving."

A few notes to help you understand if you don't know the story already: this is the story of a young boy from India who is stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a huge bengal tiger as his sole companion on a small lifeboat. I have been excited about this book since I began reading it, but today reading on my lunch break, I came across this chapter and it left me amazed. This is an excellent book.


the zookeeper's boy. this song has been playing in my head for going on four days now.
For Rachel:

J.K. Rowling reading from "The Half-Blood Prince"

I haven't watched it yet...but I also have not read the book yet, so I think you will enjoy it much more than I would.


Having a Starbucks approximately 5 minutes from where I work every day is fantastic. Their iced coffee is the best in town, and I think it has saved my life today.